Club Focus Plymouth



DATE                            ACTIVITY


16th JULY       Members presentation  Neil will give a talk on his time spent in Antarctica, well                                 worth coming for.

6th AUG           TBC
20th AUG          Review night. in light of the current good weather the subject will be SUNSETS, remember 6                                 images on a stick in jpg format, no names just suitable titless.
3rd SEP            Practical Evening:- REFLECTIONS. please bring along any props or equipment                                and ideas you have for this subject
17th SEP           GUEST SPEAKER:- BRIAN NORTHMORE will be giving a talk on his latest work                                 and projects
1st OCT             MODEL SHOOT
15th OCT           REVIEW NIGHT;- ARCHITECTURE and NATURAL SHAPES please bring along up                             to 6 images on a stick in JPG format, no names just suitable titles. We also give a                             brief intro to working with light which will be Novembers practical evening.
5th NOV              PRACTICAL EVENING :-WORKING WITH LIGHT, further details nearer the date
19th NOV            GUEST SPEAKER:- ALAN HOWE:-will be giving a talk on his latest work and                                    projects